US involvement in LHC research

Graduate students from UC Riverside, CMS experiment

US scientists are heavily involved in all four Large Hadron Collider experiments and represent 20 percent of the ATLAS Collaboration and 30 percent of the CMS collaboration. With more than 1,700 American scientists working on Large Hadron Collider research, the United States has more CERN users than any other nation.

Seven US national laboratories and 94 US universities from 33 states and territories conduct LHC research. This research brings together a diverse group of physicists, engineers, professors, postdocs and students and helps drive technological and scientific innovation in the United States.

The United States also helped design and built the Large Hadron Collider itself. US scientists and engineers built several of the magnets and cryogenic systems that help make the LHC the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Today American scientists and engineers continue to design and develop new accelerator technology that can be incorperated into future upgrades of the LHC.


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